STA Newsletter – BOpSFest Preparation

Last week was training week – hopefully everybody who attended any of the sessions found it interesting and learned something new. If you have any feedback or thoughts on additional sessions that should be run, contact and Tom (our Training Manager) will work to make future training sessions even better!

Happening now is BOpSFest, where BOpS (Bristol Operatic Society) are putting on a pair of operas. This week is the build week for both performances, where we’ll be in the Winston Theatre from 17:15 each evening (13:15 on Wednesday and possibly middayish at the weekend) preparing for these shows. Here’s a full schedule for the week!

  • Monday

    • Onstage Rigging

    • Installing Ivy

    • Painting Giant Mushrooms

  • Tuesday

    • Rigging Front of House & Side Booms

    • Painting the Flats

    • Building a Fountain

  • Wednesday

    • Finishing Rigging and Desk Patching

    • Constructing the Flats

    • Building the Archway

    • Painting the Archway

    • Painting the Fountain

  • Thursday

    • Focussing

    • Building the Bridge

  • Friday

    • Focussing

    • Building the Cave

  • Saturday:

    • Constructing the Bench

    • Constructing the Lamp Post

    • Painting the Cave

    • Lighting Finishing Touches

  • Sunday

    • Painting the Bench

    • Painting the Lamp Post

    • Lighting Finishing Touches

If anything here sounds up your street, feel free to come along. It’s fine if you’ve not done anything before – there’ll be someone around to help guide you.

About the Author: Bristol STA Secretary

The secretary is responsible for the administrative work of the society. This includes taking minutes of all meeting and sending out a weekly newsletter.