Who are we?

The STA is one of the oldest societies at the University of Bristol Students’ Union (Bristol SU), we are a group of about 25-30 core members with a committee of around 10. Some of our members join from a background in technical theatre, but many join either from an acting / production background, or no history at all in theatre.

Any member of Bristol SU is welcome to join, and our membership and all our activities are free. Membership of Bristol SU is available to anyone, not just members of the university.


What do we do?

We provide the technical expertise to design, construct and run many shows in the Winston Theatre, the Pegg Theatre and beyond. We normally run 5 full size productions, at least 6 studio shows and a large danceshow every year, as well as running the Welcome Fair stage. We also support other events around the Union, in halls of residences and other student events around Bristol.


Why do we do it?

Many societies at Bristol, including MTB, BOpS, Spotlights, Dramsoc and Pantosoc, rely on the STA for technical support and we’re always happy to help! This allows our members to interact with a huge range of genres, productions, and people. Thanks to our exciting schedule and hands-on approach, our members quickly find themselves confident in a wide variety of skills, and we offer informal training in Stage Management, Lighting, Sound, Scenery, and much more. Almost all of this training is “on the job” training, where our more experienced members help teach in their areas of expertise.

The relationship that we have with these societies and our members allows us all to be part of productions that continue to shine as some of the most exceptional student theatre in the country. We strive to bring the opportunities of technical theatre to as many people as possible to share these experiences.