The STA Committee is responsible for the running of the society – everything from shows to socials is dealt with by one of the officers. Committee meetings are held once a week, and are open to all society members. A new committee is elected once a year, at the Annual General Meeting.

Millie Wills


The president carries out the wishes of the committee (who run the society) and chairs the weekly society meetings. By default, everything is their problem.

Georgina Heaton

Vice President

As well as generally supporting the President in helping with the running of the society, the VP is responsible for allocating STA members to the crew of each show. They are also the port of call for confidential pastoral and well-being support.

Tom Streuli


The treasurer is responsible for the management of the society’s finances.  They are also charged with producing the annual end of year pie charts!

Kat Dapré


The secretary is responsible for the administrative work of the society. This includes taking minutes of all meeting and sending out a weekly newsletter.

Akmal Khalil

Training Manager

The Training Manager organises training for STA members in all the theatre disciplines, and encourages new members to join the qualification scheme.

Catrina James & Rachel O’Connor

Workshop and Equipment Manager

Ensures that the workshop and tools are maintain to a high level. The Workshop and Equipment Manager has overall responsibility for STA owned equipment.

Nicole Li

Social Secretary

Promotes the social life of the society and stops us living in the theatre by organising regular social activities, often involving food, drink and fun.

James Elgar

Publicity Officer

Helps to recruit members by publicising the STA and its activities within the Students’ Union, and is responsible for ordering STA Swag!

Sharlene D’Silva


The Webmaster is responsible for keeping the STA website and working at its best. They are the keepers of everything web related including the Drive and the sought after bristolsta email addresses.