Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in the STA, but if you are at all interested please join our mailing list, this will ensure you receive (infrequent) updates about our current shows and other going-ons so you can get involved.

Membership to the STA is completely free! It doesn’t matter if you’d like to spend the odd evening with us, or dedicate the best part of the week – we love having everyone involved and there’s always stuff to do. Put in your email address below to join the society and subscribe to our newsletter:

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Ways to get further involved

There are a few other ways to get involved with the STA, including supporting our committee or web presence.

Our committee runs our society and have a large part in the management of the theatres within Bristol SU. All members of the STA are welcome at committee meetings, and every member gets an equal vote. Our mailing list will contain the date of our next meetings (which occur weekly during term time).

The STA also has a small team that develops and runs, the ticket selling platform that all shows in the Winston and Pegg Theatre use to sell tickets. The platform is developed from scratch completely by our members. We are always looking for developers to aid with the coding, or ticket admins to help customers in their time of need; as with everything STA, we don’t ask you to commit a minimum time, just to help our where possible. Email if you’re interested.

Contact the Production Team

Want to get involved with a specific show? Each show has an email address that will get sent to all of the STA involved.

Show Society Date Venue Email
TRASh Dramsoc 8th – 21st October 2017 Winston Theatre
48 Hour Musical MTB 8th – 14th  October Pegg Studio Theatre
Big Band Takeover Big Band 2nd November Anson Rooms
Retold Dramsoc  5th – 11th November Pegg Studio Theatre
MTB Showcase  MTB  5th – 11th November Winston Theatre
Lyons Dramsoc 12th – 25th November Pegg Studio
Arcadia  Spotlights 19th- 25th November Winston Theatre
A Capella A Cappella 24th November Anson Rooms
TBC Revunions  27th November – 3rd December  Pegg Studio Theatre
George and the Dragon PantoSoc 3rd – 16th December Winston Theatre
 Pink Mist Dramsoc  28th January – 10th February Winston Theatre
 Hilarity Improv  5th – 11th February  Pegg Studio Theatre
 Chicago MTB  11th – 24th February  Winston Theatre
 Lion King  Centaur Soc Anson Rooms
My People Spotlights 4th – 10th March  Pegg Studio Theatre
 Dance Show DanceSoc  4th -17th March  Winston Theatre
 Shrek PantoSoc  25th – 31st March Pegg Studio Theatre
 The Cunning Little Vixen BOpS  25th March – 7th April  Winston Theatre

No email address listed for a show of interest? Contact for more information!