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STA Newsletter – Maintenance Week and Revunions

Last Week – Opera The fortnight of opera is now over, culminating with a standing ovation on Saturday night. A huge congratulations to all involved! https://www.facebook.com/bristolsta/photos/a.308045575962828.57495.293566550744064/721214981312550/?type=3 This Week This week there are things happening in both the Winston and Pegg. Winston Activities – Maintenance Week In the Winston is Maintenance Week. We are undertaking a […]

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STA Training Week

Next week (26th Oct – 1st Nov) will be the inaugural, shiny, new, frankly incredible Bristol STA training week. We have a number of sessions on the agenda. Specifically five: An introductory talk about all things stage and health and safety. Nobody’s going to pretend this will be particularly exciting, but it’s a necessary tick […]

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STA Crewing Meeting

The preparation for TRASh is under way, with everything starting to come together. Thanks to everyone who came to help out yesterday – hopefully the taste of the theatre has left you wanting more. To help fulfil this need, our first crewing meeting of the year is happening! The crewing meeting will be from 13:15-14:00 […]

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