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[STA Members] T shirt reminder

A quick reminder that I will be ordering the T Shirts / clothes that have been requested soon. Please get your orders in by 6pm tomorrow (Monday 18th) at the latest. Details are in my previous email. Thanks, Ben _______________________________________________ Members mailing list Members@bristolsta.com http://mail.bristolsta.com/mailman/listinfo/members_bristolsta.com

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STA Newsletter 2015-05-16

The not-quite-weekly-but-lets-pretend-it-is STA newsletter is here, with some exciting news, events, and more. New Committee The AGM happened, and a new committee was voted in to lead the STA for the coming year. President – James Hart Vice President – Emma Morse Treasurer – Zoe Ashford Secretary – Hayden Field Training Manager – Tom Orme […]

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